Interesting Links

Article: Don’t Worry, MLB — Hitters Are Killing The Shift On Their Own

By: 538


Notes: “The Shift” is a defensive practice in baseball to use historical data of the places a batter is likely to hit a ball and move the defenders more towards those areas.

Statistically it seems like this tool is becoming less valuable. Somewhat predictability, it seems like batters are starting to adjust to this strategy and change their hitting styles when encountering the shift.

It feels like another example of evolution within the game where one group finds an advantage and another group adapts to overcome it. Taking this idea to its conclusion, it makes me theorize that every generation the players are overall better than the previous generation as we collectively learn more about the game and how to plan, practice, and play it better.

Article: The 8 Signs That Machine Learning Will Automate Some or All of Your Job

By: Gizmodo


Notes: Machine learning is coming and it’s going to significantly change many current jobs. It will replace some jobs completely. Not as talked about though is how many jobs are going to have some or part of their tasks augmented or supplemented by machine learning. If you spending your time doing repetitive tasks or tasks that have very concrete input and output, it’s very possible those tasks will be offloaded to automation, either making you more efficient and profitable or allowing a single person to do the work of several.

It’s coming for all of us eventually though 😉

Article: Cassini Saw Rain Falling at Titan’s North Pole

By: Universe Today


Notes: It’s summer on the north pole of Titan. And it’s raining methane.

Video: How we Make the Coldest Places in the Universe

By: Scishow


Notes: Absolute Zero is the lowest possible temperature, at which point the motion (kinetic energy) of subatomic particles completely stops. Currently we can create situations in labs that are closer to absolute zero than anywhere else we know in the Universe.

The Doppler cooling method involves firing photons at an atom to slow its kinetic motion. But there’s a limit as to how far this can cool an atom.

Sisyphus cooling goes beyond this by having the atom enter a higher energy state emit a photon, sending it into an overall lower energy state.

Buy local food that’s in season

Video: Is Organic Really Better? Healthy Food or Trendy Scam?

By: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell


Notes: There isn’t a global consensus on the definition or rules of organic.

Organic foods tend to have more antioxidants. (See

There are mixed results on whether organic foods contain more nutrition value.

It’s more important to eat fruits and vegetables than how they were produced.

There does seem to be less pesticide residue on organic produce but that doesn’t mean none. Organic pesticides are not necessarily safer than artificial ones. Toxic is toxic.

Pesticide residue on produce isn’t necessarily harmful under current guidelines and restrictions.

Organic production systems aren’t clearly better for the environment. Conventional farming is better for using less land, and organic better for less environmental toxicity.

Recent increased demand for organic products has caused incidents of fraud or undesired business practices.

It would be better to stop thinking of organic as good, conventional as bad, or their differences being irreconcilable. The best idea would be to take the strengths of both to get out food.

The best method is to buy local food that’s in season.

Are we just settling with where we settled?

I’ve never thought about this before, but this video talks about the potential for planets that are better at harboring life than Earth. Even though Earth is the only planet we know with life on it, just in our own galaxy with potentially hundreds of billions of planets there’s stylistically better ones.

Some of the keys are having a smaller star they orbit, meaning they’ll have a lot longer period in the habitable zone (50 billion years vs the Earth’s measly 10) or having a larger mass (better magnetic field, more geological activity to keep recycling elements)