In the groove

Game: Wargroove

Developer: Chucklefish

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer Blizzard Entertainment. These are my rambling notes to myself as I play the game. I respect and appreciate the hard work of all game developers.


That opening cinematic was awesome. Like a late 80’s cartoon opening.

The tutorial is a pretty good balance between teaching me the game and the lore/characters/background. It’s entertaining.

I’m enjoying the little fight animations.

The half VO where characters voice a word of two of their dialog is somewhat distracting.

Having a Hero unit that can lose the battle if it dies feels a little weak. It’s strong but I don’t want to use it in situations where it can make a difference

Really feels like attackers have an advantage you want to really pay attention to move ranges and goad people into fights where you get to attack into them.

Feels really hard to use crits for the knights because everyone can move around so much. Almost just need to be lucky

I like that the 5th mission or whatever has the objective to lead the villagers to escape. Having objectives that aren’t just kill everything feels good.

I don’t think I really care or like the star rating system? The levels aren’t fun enough where I want to play them again to do better.

So far every level does feel distinctly different from each other level. I appreciate it.

There seem to be lots of side levels that aren’t part of progressing the plot, but without a progression system I feel like I don’t need to play them?

Some of the ultimates feel useful (the heal, the shield) but the dog’s extra turn doesn’t seem valuable unless you really positionally play to it.

I really like the catapults and trebuchets. Feels fun to rain down projectiles from afar.

The alchemists heal costing money is an interesting decision. It would be interesting to see how the design of that played out.

Actually feels pretty good on a controller too.

The silliness of the plot feels a little too silly at times. I appreciate the humor but it takes a bit away from what I’m doing being important/meaningful.

After introducing the fog of war, I got to a level with no fog of war. Not sure why.

Kind of torn on the fog of war mechanic. I prefer the levels without it, but it adds strategy.

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