Third time on the dark side

Game: Darksiders III

Developer: Gunfire Games

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer Blizzard Entertainment. These are my rambling notes to myself as I play the game. I respect and appreciate the hard work of all game developers.


Playing on easy.

Like a lot of hack and slash games I feel like I’m just mashing buttons and not really obtaining any mastery of the combat system. Most non trivial enemies will damage me in some way and I don’t feel like I dodge effectively at all.

I appreciate the environmental design. Gives a good feeling of exploration and openness while still being mostly a series of single corridor hallways.

The exploration is netting me a lot of secrets to collect, but none of them seem to be very valuable or interesting to me.

The advancement system of putting attribute points into health strength or arcane doesn’t seem very interesting. I’m putting most points into health because I don’t want to die. None into arcane because I don’t feel like I’m using arcane power at all for anything.

I don’t like it when a currency can be spent on permanent upgrades (levelling up) and also on consumables (health packs) because I feel like any consumables I buy are just putting me further behind the curve.

Giving the main character a buddy character (that disappears during combat) was a good idea so their random dialog and banter can be interesting and help advance the story.

I didn’t know I had an auto heal mechanic at all and kept using consumables until I went to google to see what Nephilim’s respite was.

It felt weird that you collect items in your inventory that are just bundles of the currency, but I guess that’s done because you lose all the currency when you die, but not the inventory items. Losing all your currency also feels like a bummer, but I guess that’s done because the enemies respawn – so losing the currency prevents you from farming through dying.

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