In Velvet and Gold

Game: Omensight

Developer: Spearhead Games

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer Blizzard Entertainment. These are my rambling notes to myself as I play the game. I respect and appreciate the hard work of all game developers.


The voice acting was a little rough.

Collecting the gems while my npc buddy is just waiting on me feels a little silly – and the VO even calls it out. It doesn’t really satisy my exploration itch since it seems like the barrels and chests are just right there, it’s just a matter of taking the time to walk over to them.

It feels a little weird to be fighting on the opposite side of the war from the side I was fighting on in the first level – but maybe my goal of saving the world is bigger than the war.

I love the art.

The murder mystery story is already really compelling. I’m excited to figure out what happened.

I appreciate that the number of health pickups you need is dynamic when breaking barrels. It feels like the mechanic is there to get me back to 100% after every major fight without seeming wasteful. Although why not just refill my life and remove a somewhat unnecessary mechanic?

I really appreciate being able to “skip” to the major decision point.

I like the plot twists – thinking one character is good or bad, and then getting new information that changes your point of view.

I got to a point where going through the same areas is getting a little old, although having different allies and different goals is keeping it somewhat fresh. Probably saves a lot on environment building! There’s also something to be said about having mastery and intimate knowledge of an area – and having the ability to unlock more secret areas on successive times is cool.

It’s hilarious that the allies make fun of you for smashing barrels or rolling around. I love it when games are self aware.

I really like Ratika and the musical aspect of her character.

The big clue UI is pretty cool. The game keeps telling me to go there. But I don’t feel like it’s really affecting my decisions. I’m kind of just picking what sounds cool when deciding who to join up with next.

Towards the end of the game (I think?) some of the play sessions before going back to the Nexus are just too long. I like to always end the night back there, but sometimes it’s over a half hour before that happens.

The difficulty is a bit inconsistent. There are areas (like when preventing the rats from blowing up the big siege machine with Indrik) that feel much harder than anything else.

The last level was great. Not having a weapon for a bit was a cool departure. Then having a weapon that can obliterate the mobs I’ve been fighting the whole time was great.

The boss fights on the last level were a little bland. The difficulty felt right but they didn’t feel like anything special. Felt kind of derivative of earlier fights.

The ending was kind of a bummer. I wonder if there are better endings.



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