So much potential!

Game: River City Ransom : Underground

Developer: Conatus Creative Inc

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer Blizzard Entertainment. These are my rambling notes to myself as I play the game. I respect and appreciate the hard work of all game developers.


Really conflicted on this one. There were elements of it that really brought back memories of the original and they introduced some new cool things. But the difficulty level was just too high and frustrating.

Achieving the stat and ability progression that was so fun in the original took way too much grinding of trash mobs and death was too much of a punishment for how often it happened.

Having more characters that had pretty significant fighting styles and moves was cool.

Much like the first game the story progression wasn’t clear, although the introduction of the map with objectives on it did help somewhat.

The platforming was far too frequent and punishing especially compared with how difficult the controls for jumping accurately were.

The chase sequences that completely reset you back to the hideout were also too punishing.

I really enjoyed the art and music.

Too many one shot mechanics on bosses.

The nerd boss in the mech was really frustrating – having to pick him up and throw him and block him as he ran back to the mech was difficult and didn’t feel good.

My guy’s default special move was a really powerful spin kick but even with friendly fire off it would knock down my allies. Not a great mechanic.

I think that a lot of the problems with this game might just be 25 year old game design that just doesn’t hold up in a modern world and not enough thought was put into deciding what to refresh and improve and what to keep. My guess is that if there wasn’t so much grinding required it would really easy to max out stats and then the game would be too easy, especially since it’s not linear.

I liked that there were shortcuts (subway system, sewers) to other parts of the map so it wasn’t always necessary to travel the full length of the map to get to other locations.

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