Glad I wasn’t on that voyage

Game: Return of the Obra Dinn

Developer: Lucas Pope

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer Blizzard Entertainment. These are my rambling notes to myself as I play the game. I respect and appreciate the hard work of all game developers.


Had some trouble figuring out what to do and how to interact with anything. Walked around the ship quite a bit before anything happened. Seems like a deliberate tutorial style choice.

The mystery aspect of this is already compelling.

The concept of identifying bodies and identities and causes of death is pretty interesting. But opening that book and seeing all the blank pages is somewhat intimidating.

Getting enough clues to make the first few guesses was a good early win. Maybe I can do this after all.

The monster attack is pretty cool.

It’s somewhat difficult to jump back into this after a few days of not playing it. There’s quite a lot of “wait, what is happening here”

I have some confusion about the transitions, sometimes it fades to black quickly in the scenes other times it doesn’t. Seems somewhat related to looking at all the others present?

I’m starting to learn some of the rules about when I need to press A to get to the next corpse, and then do it back in the “real world” to see the trail to it. But it’s still not totally clear to me.

I’m at a point where I’m now looking at scenes from the monster attack and the escape and the mutiny and holding it all in my head is kind of stressful and I haven’t made any good deductions. Doesn’t feel great. Feels stressful.

I really feel like I need more easy wins early in the game. I think it was three hours in before I got my second three solves. That’s too long, definitely discouraging.

As much as I’m frustrated, I do keep playing to try to figure out the next thing. The story is interesting to me, and learning more about it and discovering more is keeping me going.

I don’t understand why sometimes there’s a door and it unlocks after I look at the book.

I wish doors would stop closing behind me!

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