Our first good presidential election controversy

Podcast: The Age of Jackson : Good Feelings

By: American History Tellers

Link: https://art19.com/shows/american-history-tellers/episodes/a6b04e7c-e543-4504-ace6-d44caad74793


The 1824 election saw four major candidates running and none of them won a majority of the electoral vote.  Despite Jackson winning the largest number of both electoral and popular votes, the House of Representatives voted to elect John Quincy Adams. In a bit of a scandal, Henry Clay threw his support behind Adams and then was made Adams’ Secretary of State.

This was the first time someone won the popular vote without winning the presidency.

The Missouri controversy centered around whether Missouri should be admitted to the Union as a Slave or Free state. The compromise involved bringing in Maine as a free state to preserve the balance, and ensure that a latitudinal line was drawn so that all new states north of that line would be brought in as free states.

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