But sugar is so delicious

Podcast: Food Fight!

By: The Impact

Link: https://art19.com/shows/the-impact/episodes/73ed9ecf-3119-452e-af68-903c84744742


In an effort to combat obesity, NYC launched a program to make healthy food choices more accessible through an outreach program with the hundreds of bodegas to get them to carry healthy options and display them prominently. Mixed results, many bodegas don’t want to participate or after several months of not seeing improved sales, stop participating. Customers often aren’t interested in the healthier options.

After fairly successful sugar tax programs in Mexico and Berkeley California, other countries have followed suit. But when Chicago tried to use a soft drink tax to fill a budgetary hole, there was a massive battle that saw huge public outreach spending campaigns from the Soda Industry and Mayor Bloomberg and the tax was repealed two months after going into effect.

Philadelphia is the largest US city with a successful soda tax. They specifically use the money for pre-K education, rather than a general fund.

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