The second fall of Titans

Game: Titanfall 2

By: Respawn Entertainment

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer Blizzard Entertainment. These are my rambling notes to myself as I play the game. I respect and appreciate the hard work of all game developers.


The opening cinematic does a good job of showing you why you’re cool and powerful and setting up the fantasy of what your character will be doing.

I would like an audio cue when the loading screen is finished and wants me to interact to continue.

UI seems super minimalist. I don’t know how many grenades I have. Oh I just had to wait to get my special Titan helmet to see it. That’s more what I expected.

Environments look great. Bestial enemies look great.

The dialog options are an interesting addition. I’m not sure I really care about them. Do they even do anything? Why am I given this choice?

The ghost runner thing is an interesting way to show me the ropes, but the fantasy of it doesn’t seem great. Maybe it’s not there on higher difficulties?

The Kane fight really just felt like a brute force no strategy encounter. I just kept hitting him until he died.


Movement feels really smooth and intuitive. Easy to transition from wall running to double jumping to sliding and then shooting.

I like the way you hold your weapon differently when kneeling. Makes it really easy to tell your current stance.

You can shoot the legs off robots! I really like the way the robots can be brought down. Headshots, damaging their reactor? or just putting enough ammo into them. I like they way they keep crawling after you.

Level Design

Objective point system and fairly linear level design makes it obvious to know where to go next. This first level has very clear environment cues for where wall running is encouraged.

I’m surprised with just how much time you spend out of the Titan in the campaign. But I think the Pilot’s mobility and jumping skill opens up a lot more possibilities. The Titan seems to require pretty flat bland levels.

I really like the level design and environments in the factory level. But all the platforming in first person is pretty frustrating.The top of the factory “arena” was extremely cool and kind of a neat payoff for getting to that point, and it really fit with the fantasy that things were being constructed.

The destroyed and overgrown lab is a really cool area. The flashbacks are a little weird though.

The time travel functionality was actually quite a bit of fun. I loved the fantasy of popping in and out of time when fighting enemies, getting behind them to deliver a punch or shotgun blast, and then disappearing again.  The times when there were enemies in both times was a tricky touch. The platforming parts that required time travel were pretty interesting, though somewhat tricky.


I don’t really like the way the Titans look. I prefer bulkier slower armored and heavily armed ala Mechwarrior.

The Titan is kind of a stark contrast to how mobile the pilot is. The weapons systems are cool but don’t feel as powerful as I would expect.

The animation for getting into a Titan is very cool. I love the way the screens turn on.

Titan v Titan combat doesn’t feel like two huge machines going at it to me

It’s a little silly that the Titan can’t get over like a 10 meter barrier. No jump I guess. I also want it to be able to bust through smaller environmental objects like cars and busses. Doesn’t feel powerful being blocked by them.

Kind of cool that the Titan can do stuff while own it’s own like lay suppressing fire. Doesn’t seem too smart or useful though. Maybe it gets better.

The different Titan loadouts do a pretty good job of feeling different from each other. I really enjoyed the combos of the fire mech. The Brute one didn’t appeal to me. The default one is kind of the most useful.

I’m not convinced that my Titan actually needs a pilot, other than the contrived situations that it gets captured, stuck, or can’t go in small areas. But it seems just as intelligent and combat effective as me.

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