I guess it wouldn’t be the Age of Jackson without him.

Podcast: The Age of Jackson – Washington Burns

From: American History Tellers

Link: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/wondery/american-history-tellers/e/53875994?autoplay=true


Jackson had a lifelong hatred of the British that originated from his capture as a 8 year old boy as a courier for the Colonial army during the War of American Independence.

Jackson was ruthless against American Indians, British and Spanish civilians during his various battles and campaigns, often executing his enemies.

He fought in a good number of duels and had a couple bullets lodged in various parts of his body.

He owned as many as 300 slaves over his lifetime and would offer rewards for the capture and lashing of escaped slaves.

Despite having Creek Indian allies during his battles, he negotiated a treaty that took roughly half off all lands from the tribe.

Jackson was very loyal to his own troops.

Jackson suspended habeus corpus and put New Orleans into a state of military occupation during the War of 1812.

His defeat of the British during this battle made him a national hero.

He led a campaign that essentially took Florida from Spain.

My thoughts:

I forget that Washington D.C. was razed by the British during the War of 1812. It often seems left out of history or discussion when talking about terrible defeats or disasters on American soil.

Jackson seems like a very flawed, aggressive, ambitious person that had quite a bit of willingness to suspend the law of the land for his own ends.

That bit about the duel seems like some pretty far fetched mythology to me.

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