America deserves a drink.

Podcast: Prohibition – We Want Beer

From: American History Tellers


Notes: The repeal of Prohibition was the first time the State Convention was used to pass an amendment. Before this point it was always state legislatures but there was doubt that there was enough support among state legislatures to pass the repeal.

Utah was the state that achieved the required number. Ohio and Pennsylvania were scheduled to vote on the same day and Utah deliberately delayed until both of them had confirmed passage so they would be the deciding state.

A lot of modern laws in various states and counties are leftover from the local efforts to keep Prohibition in place even after it was repealed. That’s why some states still have laws that prevent alcohol sales on Sundays, or have dry counties or only allow liquor stores to sell alcohol. Some states were still dry until the 60’s.

FDR ran with an Anti-Prohibition platform.

Somewhat unrelated but interesting – as a result of the Great Depression, many WWI vets couldn’t find work and demanded their pensions early. They gathered in Washington and Hoover actually brought in the military on them and as a result of the conflict some vets were killed and several dozen were wounded.

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