I really want a BrainPal

Book: The Ghost Brigades

By: John Scalzi


(Contains spoilers)

Can’t escape Fate – Dirac ended up becoming Boutin just like he was created to do.

Can escape Fate – Dirac was able to make different choices than Boutin

Love goes beyond boundaries – Dirac loved Zoe

What makes us human?

Is humanity good or evil?

Humans do some really shitty stuff in war.


Super fast and enjoyable read, much like Old Man’s War. It’s fun seeing more of that universe come into clarity and I enjoyed some of the characters from the previous book being present in this one.

This book gives a lot better explanation of why the Colonial Union has a focus on recruiting old people. Given that they don’t have much to lose they’re more willing to volunteer in numbers necessary to fill the ranks of the military. It also leaves the young people alive to colonize, reproduce, and work rather than die off in war.

I like reading about the various alien species and their political and cultural structures like the bug-like Eneshan and their rules of succession.


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